It could be stressful to choose between long distance moving companies. However, the correct long-distance mover could help in moving your items and could help relieve a lot of the stress from moving. companies. However, the correct long-distance mover could help in moving your items and could help relieve a lot of the stress from moving. 

Moving Companies

You would want to take your time and do your research before selecting among the different long-distance movers since the moving firm would be accountable for making sure that everything that is important to you makes it safely to your new house. Lastly, only you could make the choice. But, there are several things you might want to think about when comparing the benefits and drawbacks of different long-distance movers.  

Are they Insured or Licensed 

The company should be insured and licensed properly for it to provide long-distance moving services. A moving firm that can’t give proof of both must certainly be avoided. A moving firm that’s operating without the right federal license is violating the rules in your state. Insurance coverage that are insufficient means that your items aren’t insured properly against damage or theft. You could examine the license of the mover on the website of Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration. Do not be afraid to ask for the copy of the proof of insurance of the company.  

Great Reviews 

Though no firm could escape the seasonal complaint, a moving firm with a lot of complaints or one with a lot of certain severe complaints must be avoided. You could compare the safety ratings on potential companies on the website of FMCSA as well. The BBB (Better Business Bureau) is another available source of getting the total rating on any moving firm. 


The bottom line is that experience really counts whenever it comes to long-distance moving. There are a lot of moving businesses out there that has been in the moving industry since the 90’s. Long-distance moving includes a lot of issues that a local move doesn’t have. A long-distance move is also more dangerous for the cargo since it has to travel much farther, along with several federal and state laws and regulations that should be followed. Because of that reasons, you need to make sure that you trust your things to a long-distance moving firm that has a lot of experience.  

Offer a Detailed Quote 

Usually, expense is a factor when choosing from a list of interstate movers. But, you must do more than just compare costs. From any possible mover, ask for a detailed quote. It should be in writing. Carefully read every estimate to ensure that everything involved in the service is really included in the cost. 

Red Flags 

The industry of long-distance moving is full of scammers and “fly by night” firms. Look for several common signs that the moving firm is less than legit to make sure that you don’t become a victim of one. Stay away from firms that insists on big deposits before the move. In addition to that, be careful of the firm that provides estimates online or over the phone.