Packing and moving to a new house could not be as easy as what others think of. You need to prepare physically and emotionally. Physically in a way that you have to make sure that you would have time to repair whatever you need to fix and of course the unending packing of things and boxes. Emotionally because you need to bid goodbye to your friends living near to your house and of course those neighbors that you have been so close with. Aside from these, you need to prepare your mind and brain for so much things to think of. You have to make a budget and of course to remember everything that you have to bring and to pack of course.  


Mover services could help you with your things to move from one place to another. But bigger than that you have to secure the place that you are going to transfer. It should be ready before you bring your stuff there. You don’t want to make your life even tired cleaning and unpacking your things at the same time. So, here are the updated planning reminders that you can follow before you totally enjoy the journey of moving to your new home.  

  1. Everyone is into internet now. We can’t live without internet as most of our jobs are connected to it. Even for the homework of the kids. You need to contact the service provider ahead of time and let them install one for your unit. It is necessary to do this ahead of time because it would take a lot of processes and week before they can totally put things in order.  
  2. When it comes to your electric bill. You have to call and inform your energy company that you will relocate and you would have a new home address. In this way, you won’t be confused and they can also correct the mistakes.  
  3. You can’t just move there without even thinking of what will happen to your kids and even to your pets when you get there. It is better to ask help from your other family relatives or to your friends. It is a good idea that someone will look after to them while you are so busy moving the things and talking to a lot of people.  
  4. Send a message or call your friends and colleagues and you have to tell them your new address. It would be good to do this so that they will know where to find you in case of emergency.  
  5. After going through to those things, you need to prepare your boxed for the stuff that you are going to bring. Make sure that you will put a label outside so that it would be very easy for you to know what is inside of it.  
  6. Apply for a new house and home insurance. This will help you in case there is a problem about the new house.  
  7. Don’t forget to make several duplicates of the key. Especially if everyone is working and going to school.